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RRSI's Philosophy

The principals of RRSI have accumulated an incredible amount of technical and managerial experience.  However, they’ll tell you that organizational success comes down to the successes of individuals. “We understand people as individuals and how they can function best in organizations—meshing their skills with the organization’s goals,” says Rae Ann Dougherty, CEO. “Then we help leaders unclog the organization’s pipelines so that it can operate efficiently and make it easier to attract and retain customers.”

RRSI doesn’t offer a cookie cutter approach to its clients’ problems. “We customize each plan to the individual needs of the organization we work with,” says Rae Ann. “Every organization has a unique personality. As a result, it is imperative that a performance management or information technology consultant listen to the individualized problems of the client and develop recommendations designed specifically for them. This is a tenet of RRSI’s approach.”

“We recognize that no two problems or solutions are the same,” says Richard Dougherty, CIO. “We take a comprehensive approach to ensure that in the IT world, each computer system is restored to an optimal work environment.”

What’s more, RRSI wants to implement the plans they design. “We believe in ‘living’ with the results we recommend,” says Rae Ann Dougherty, CEO. “We will be right there with the client from beginning to end.”


  What is the result of RRSI’s efforts?

  1. In Performance Management, smooth and enduring operations that consistently achieve and often surpass organizational goals will result.

  2. In Information Technology, you will receive maximized work force productivity through stable and reliable computer operations – every time.