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Rae Ann Dougherty

CEO and President

In her 25+ year professional career, Rae Ann Dougherty , credentialed as an Advanced Professional Consultant, has amassed a myriad of quality experience that makes her a highly sought-after consultant.  That experience spreads across technical industries such as research, mining, construction, petrochemical, semiconductor and automotive.  In addition to her technical strengths, she has further developed her natural talents in project and change management.  Prior to forming R & R Strategies, Inc. nearly five years ago, Rae Ann oversaw a company wide, multi-national, multi-billion dollar expansion at Intel. At Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), she managed and implemented industry wide benchmarking to evaluate programs and organizational strategies.  


All of this experience is backed with a solid academic foundation that includes an M.B.A. in engineering management, along with both Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in atmospheric and environmental sciences.  She has won numerous awards from top companies and organizations such as ARCO, Intel and the American Meteorological Society.  In 2001, she was honored with the first David E. Bailey Award for Small Business from Wells Fargo.  In 2002, she was appointed to the US-Egypt Presidentsí Council.  Ms. Dougherty is the author of several white papers and articles that have received acclaim from both business and scientific leaders.