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RRSI’s Track Record

RRSI has proven time after time that it can deliver these benefits to organizations with dramatic impact.  This is why RRSI was recognized by Wells Fargo Bank and awarded the David E. Bailey Small Business Award by the Denver Metro Chamber Foundation.  Take a look at RRSI’s track record – it speaks for itself.

  Performance Management

·         RRSI developed and implemented the first company-wide Strategic Plan for Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS).  This work positioned the company to receive some of the highest ratings for EHS performance in the industry, including being recognized on the 1992 Honor Roll of the National Environmental Development Association (NEDA).

ARCO Oil and Gas Company

·         RRSI enabled the second largest reinsurance company to effectively enter into a $115 billion market. RRSI laid out the processes associated with the construction phase of semiconductor fabrication plants in a way that the valuation process could be accurate.

Swiss Reinsurance Company

·         As a result of RRSI’s excellent guidance, team development, and facilitation, a residential real estate company was able to “jump to the next level” of production ($20 million), despite the slow economy.

Prudential Properties

·         RRSI led the initiative to refine the operational systems and infrastructure to form the solid foundation necessary to triple the size of the company and be able to win contracts that was double in size than was obtained in the past. 

Rocky Mountain Transload, Inc.

·         RRSI significantly improved the safety record of one of the most dangerous professions —construction — for the eighth largest organization in the nation. In one year, more than 11 million man hours were worked; over the course of three years, the Recordable Rate was reduced by 81% and the Lost Day Case Rate by 90%.

Intel Corporation



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