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Are the right people with the right skills in the right positions?

If you don’t have the right people, problems will arise regularly. RRSI creates concrete plans to develop employees to enhance their skills to perform their jobs. Specifically RRSI will:

  • Use objective tools and techniques to supplement your employee / position evaluation systems;
  • Catapult your organization into high performance mode by building cohesive teams and aligning goals; and
  • Develop and recruit both current and new employees that are uniquely suited for specific roles.






Do your work processes, culture and systems support your organization's values and goals?

If not, RRSI can help you create specific ways to bring these items into alignment, yielding fluid workflow, such as:

  • Review and revise current systems to ensure you walk the talk, not only talk the talk;
  • Plan for transition and change management – do not just “let it happen”; and
  • Evaluate work processes to let go of old or redundant systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness.









Are the individuals within your organization appropriately motivated and rewarded?




If not, RRSI will develop and implement strategies to ensure that performance measures and rewards reflect organizational goals and objectives, by:

  • Establish clear expectations with self monitoring metrics for breakthrough performance;
  • Ensure that all staff understands how their responsibilities link to the organization’s bottom line; and
  • Review workload to ensure that it matches the available headcount.





The result will be desired staff behavior and greater manager understanding of staff motivations.



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