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RRSI’s Track Record

RRSI has proven time after time that it can deliver these benefits to organizations with dramatic impact.  This is why RRSI was recognized by Wells Fargo Bank and awarded the David E. Bailey Small Business Award by the Denver Metro Chamber Foundation.  Take a look at RRSI’s track record – it speaks for itself.

Information Technology


·         RRSI managed the migration of nearly 500 DOS based computer systems to a Windows environment, which included hardware and software upgrades and user training programs.

ARCO Oil and Gas Company


·         At one of the world’s largest research laboratories, RRSI successfully migrated a 400-user-base computer system from a mixed DOS, Windows 95, and Windows for Workgroups system to an entirely Windows 2000–based system. Furthermore, they reduced the total cost of ownership of PCs by nearly 40% by developing and implementing PC hardware, software, and operating-system standards.

Sandia National Laboratories



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