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  • Who is managing your computer systems?  Do these people have the expertise and training to be performing this kind of work?  Do they know what an efficient, optimally functioning computer system should look like?

RRSI’s Information Technology division will develop and implement a plan for setting up and administering your computer network and trouble-shooting and solving your PC problems by:

·         Providing immediate resolutions to urgent to persistent PC problems;

·         Minimizing downtime and increase staff productivity; and

·         Replacing outdated hardware and software to take advantage of new technologies.

  • Is your computer system secure?  How vulnerable are you to attack by either computer hackers or the latest computer virus?

RRSI will evaluate your company’s computer system and:

·         Perform a thorough security audit of the current desktop computer, file server, and network environment;

·         Recommend solutions to ensure protection of your most valuable – and vulnerable – organizational assets; and

·         Implement security solutions to protect these assets from computer viruses and hackers.

  • What would you do if you came into work this morning and your desktop computer crashed?  Were your critical files backed up, or are they lost forever?

The professionals at RRSI will design, install and implement a complete backup system to protect your most critical electronic files.  This backup system will be reliable, affordable, and easy to use.  Most importantly, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that, even if the unthinkable did happen and your computer crashed tomorrow, your electronic files would be safe and easily recoverable.           

  • How much do your computer systems really cost your business?  How does that compare to the industry average?  Are they costing too much?  How do you get these costs under control?

The initial cost of the computer hardware generally represents less than 20% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a computer. The remainder represents maintenance, upgrade, repair, software, networking, training and employee manpower costs associated with keeping computers running. RRSI’s Information Technology division will design and implement a TCO plan, so that your total cost of ownership for your personal computers will be significantly reduced.  RRSI will:

·         Review your current hardware, software, and network investment and provide “Total Cost of Ownership” estimates; and,

·         Establish and implement company standards for supported hardware, software, and operating system environments resulting in a significant reduction in the operating costs of your company's computer systems.

  • Do your computers seem to fail at the most inopportune time?  Do the computers in your business just seem to cause more trouble than they are worth?  Don't you wish they were more reliable and trouble free, letting you get on with doing your job?

RRSI can work with you to help keep your computers up to date and running smoothly by providing expert desktop and network computer support based on more than 25 years experience.  And, when problems do occur RRSI will be just a phone call away from coming onsite and resolving the problem so that you can go about your business of making money, not fixing computers.

  • Do you rate IT consultants somewhere between used car salesmen & politicians when it comes to trust worthiness? 

If so, you are not alone.  At RRSI, our clients tell us that they searched high & low, and wasted a lot of dollars on IT consultants before they finally found our services.  It is RRSI’s goal to be your trusted IT advisor.  We achieve that goal by being loyal to our clients, and treating them as if they were our only customer.  In return, our clients remain loyal to us.


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